Five Essential Steps to Build A Winning Corporate Culture

What is Corporate Culture?


Corporate culture refers to the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Often, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires.



Four Basic Types of Corporate Culture


In 1982, two famous American scholars who studied organizational culture, Terrence E. Deal and Allan A. Kennedy, published the book Corporate Cultures, which divided the culture into the following four types: Tough-guy Culture, Work Hard-Play Hard Culture, Bet your-company Culture and Process culture.


Tough-guy Culture:A cultural model that adapts to high-risk, fast-feedback environments, has a strong optimism and strong enterprising spirit.


Work Hard-Play Hard Culture:Pay equal attention to work and entertainment, and encourage employees to complete less risky jobs. Applicable to enterprises with less competitive and stable products.


Bet your-company Culture:Formed in enterprises with high risks and slow feedback. Encourage employees to take risks and innovate.



Process culture: Focus on how to do it, there is basically no feedback on the job, and it is difficult for employees to measure what they do. Focus on the work process.


The Role of Corporate Culture




Instructing employees to engage in production and business activities in a scientific way, enterprise leaders and staff can work together toward enterprise goals.




Enhance employees' sense of identity and belonging to the collective and strengthen their sense of solidarity.





Enterprise spirit and corporate image can motivate employees to work hard and achieve self-worth.





The company's cultural atmosphere can constrain the behavior of employees in an intangible and informal manner.


How to build Corporate Culture?


Corporate culture can make or break a company. According to a Bain & Company Survey, a culture that inspires and spurs performance makes companies 3.7 times more likely to be top performers.



Here are five steps for creating a winning corporate culture:


1.Know yourself


Take time to reflect on which company you are, the goal you want to accomplish, the core values and personality that you want to convey, and ultimately, the kind of culture that fits your brand.


2.Learn from others


By learning from the successful experiences of other excellent enterprises, such as reference to the Fortune 500 companies in the same industry, analyze the connotation and characteristics of their corporate culture, and combines with your company's own situation to find a corporate culture model that suits you.


3. Seek professional help


More and more enterprises begin to realize the importance of corporate culture, but they are limited by such factors as its internal resources and capabilities, and management consulting companies can help enterprises to develop better. Through a series of company surveys, they come up with professional solutions to help build corporate culture effectively.


4. Listen to employees


Corporate culture emphasizes people-oriented and should pay attention to internal communication. Culture can influence employees and employees can help create culture. Research shows that employees working in a satisfactory office space will greatly improve their productivity and happiness, so companies should listen more to their employees.


You have the opportunity set your company apart by creating a culture, but culture is not something you put in place and expect it to stay forever. It takes time to test and should change with the company development. Don't forget the power of the sustainable innovation, which will attract and keep talents efficiently.