Top Office Space Trends for 2019

The way employees work is greatly influenced by the company’s environment. Enterprises can create a vibrant office space to help employees improve their work efficiency, stimulate their potential and creativity, and help them find a balance between work and life.


New ideas for office space are emerging every year. Let's see what new trends are coming in 2019.


Biophilic Design


Biophilic design is a new and forward-looking trend, which refers to the introduction and combination of plants and natural elements in architectural design to make people more closely related to nature. Plants can greatly improve people's indoor environment. For companies, plants can purify air effectively and beautify the environment. What's more, research shows that plants can relieve employees' psychological stress and help them become happier, more energetic and healthier, thus improving their productivity and happiness.

Technology Integration

exchange (25).jpg 

Creating a comfortable workplace requires the integration of good resources, tools, and problem-solving approaches across the enterprise. Enterprise technology integration enables enterprises to achieve technological innovation and improve the core competitiveness faster. Future enterprise planning must support employees through technology, and intelligent technologies such as AI and Big Data help enterprises optimize their workflows and improve work styles to make them more scientific and efficient.


Home Inspired Setup


More and more companies are upending the idea of traditional office space. There are no enclosed offices and cookie-cutter office desks and chairs, and employees can choose where to work and how to work. They can lie on a couch or change the posture on an elevated desk, even can go to work with a pet……


Stepping Back from the Trends



Although the new trends of office space design can be used for reference, we should not fall into the trap of simply following the trends. Enterprises can draw on the idea of office space design from other excellent companies, but they can not attempt to replicate an identical workplace. Every company should create its own working environment and mode according to their situation and culture. This means that culture and values will be integrated into the design of the workplace. Creative Spaces and customized furniture will be increasingly popular.